Jigsaw Puzzle App Reviews

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Great app

Have had this for a year or two, enjoy the free daily puzzle, lots of other free ones available but lots to purchase at a cheap price...hours of entertainment. If you like puzzles, you will like this one.


Very enjoyable

Very good!

The pictures could be prettier, though. But still, very good entertainment.

Do not by the new release crashes of you are not connettendo to the network

Did they test bifore releasing it??????

Great little App

Would love to see a one-button solution for arranging all pieces around the edge (that doesnt work on my iPad mini). Mother pieces scatter, but still require manual placement. Other than that, this is a nice little App that gives me 20-30 Zen minutes in the morning to start my day.

Good start

I enjoy your puzzle after breakfast each morning. Identifying the specific content adds to the image. Good variety is provided for the daily free puzzle. Keep up the good work. Especially appreciate the lock feature which other puzzle cites do not have.

Pop up view

I do not like the new pop up view when you want to see the the puzzle. You cant see detail and it doesnt show detail where you are in the puzzle. Bring back the full size view.


What a great app! This is the best puzzle app I have ever seen. This is the app that I use while sitting in waiting rooms, while having a few minutes to relax, enjoying the beautiful photographs used in the making of the puzzle, and just using it whenever I want to. But I have to say it one more time, what beautiful photographs I have to work with. Thank you.

Luv it!

Portable puzzles that you can enjoy w/out eye strain, a neck ache or back ache. You cant lose pieces, dont have 2 monopolize the kitchen or coffee table & you save closet space & $... Whats not 2 luv!?!?!

Jigsaw Puzzles

This program is wonderful. It provides a good mental workout for my brain and allows me to select how many pieces for the puzzle, it gives goals and offers a daily free puzzle. It has a variety of puzzles ranging from entertaining to mentally taxing. I am truly enjoying this program. It allows me to relax while keeping my mind sharp. Awesome app. I highly recommend it! Stay young doing jigsaw puzzles!


I love doing puzzles. Very relaxing and you offer free puzzles, which is great because I cant buy any at the moment. I do your puzzles on a daily basis. Thank you so much for the puzzle of the day and offering free puzzles.

Love it...

Enjoying the great pictures and and selection. Only downside is how much time Im spending on it!!


I love this game, so very addicting. Highly recommended.

Almost there…

Fantastic game with a lot of great features. Would have given it 5 stars, but the zoom feature doesnt seem to work all the time. While they provide several different backgrounds, there is no black or white, which would improve contrast with some pictures. The ability to hide all but the border pieces is very useful, as is the ability to move all the remaining pieces outside of the border. So far, this is my favorite jigsaw app.

Puzzle pleasure

Lots of fun and you can adjust the number of pieces to keep being challenged. I do wish there were new free puzzles instead of the same rotating choices.

Cool app

This puzzle app is quite amazing. I never thought it could really be a tool for stress release. Well I was wrong. This app calms you as you melt away into the land of puzzle solving. Even the hardest puzzles to complete gives you satisfaction and a sense of victory. I would recommend this app to anyone. Young or old, there are many hours of relaxing fun to be had here.


I really like this app!! It helps pass time when Im bored, which isnt too often. Better than reruns in TV.

Go For It!

I have read through a few of the reviews and am not sure what more can be added. This keeps my interest, there is a wide selection of puzzle packages to purchase. Yes, for a small price you get hours and hours of puzzle time. As difficult or easy as you want. It would be practically impossible to somehow do every puzzle in this app! Go For It!

Great Fun!

I love this puzzle version because you can see views of the actual puzzle pieces an where they go in addition to the picture.

My evening relaxation!

Love this app, even bought a few puzzle additions although you get a free puzzle everyday & there are other free groups too. After learning some nice table tricks, the puzzles are neat and easily laid out. So glad I downloaded!

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