Jigsaw Puzzle App Reviews

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This is an amazing jigsaw app. The puzzles are beautiful and can be very challenging. Thanks so much.

Hours of Challenge

Time on your hands? Download the free puzzle each day and enjoy a challenge!

Need more options

I enjoy doing the puzzles but you have to pay for most of them. There should be more free puzzles and more options other than 100 pieces.


Great app. Start my day with a coffee & a new puzzle. Love the options. Too bad there is not a tray though.

Daily Fav

I do a 144 piece every morning to start my day ....... Wish the pieces were "tracked" down the sides rather than all over the puzzle opening, and then I would select a larger puzzle. Love the app however. SheilaM42

Enjoyable and Relaxing

Easier to use than many other jigsaw apps. Great way to relax and enjoy some quiet time.


Disappointed with my favourite puzzle app. It is stuck on wait, will not open nor can I delete it to reload. I had enjoyed these puzzles every day.

Great app

I am addicted to this app. The pictures are much better than other apps I have tried, the ones you buy are reasonably priced and you get a free one every day. Love it


Where does the time go?


Love this app!

Most enjoyable....

Sadly, it is additive & time consuming...great for long flt or cruise...

Jigsaw Puzzle

I look forward to a free puzzle every day. Only thing I can add that it would be nice if there were more free puzzles for the people (seniors) that cant afford to purchase them.


Great way to relax!

Love it

I do wish there were more bright colour puzzles. There are 5 but Ive done them all. More please please please.

Its fun

Awesome. Love getting a free puzzle everyday.

Great puzzles

Great puzzles and fun to do. Love that I can increase the number of pieces....great selection and very addictive! Wish the ads would disappear.....

Mrs. C

These are the BEST puzzles. Always something new. Great pastime !

Jigsaw Puzzle

Love these puzzles! Fun and relaxing. Love the beautiful scenery! Challenges and much more!

Free puzzles and puzzle of the day

Fun to play and appreciate free ones. Thanks.


I am really enjoying these puzzles.

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