Jigsaw Puzzle 앱 리뷰


Puzzles are fun.

Not user friendly.

Lots of glitches, cluttered and very poorly organized. Some aspects do not work.

Pics for free

I think that the pictures that you want to make into a puzzle should be free.


Fun puzzle but I’m over the ads - they’re too long and waaaay too many.

سپاسگزارم از داراها


Missing pieces??

I downloaded this app today and did one of the free puzzles, the one with the barn. After finishing I was missing two pieces!!! Sure, I’ll lose pieces when I do a hardcopy puzzles, but a virtual jigsaw puzzle? Sorry, that kind of realism Imcan live without.

If you love jigsaw...

This app is for you. No push to beat some faceless stranger, no competition (except perhaps with yourself), no cutesy dancing pieces - just you and the virtual box of pieces. Pretty much perfect.


Your timer starts counting while the ads play in the beginning.

Gorgeous options, so relaxing!

Extremely delighted with all of the puzzle images! Great way to sit back, listen to the rain fall, sip on a cup of tea and unwind. Brings brightness and positivity to any situation. If you are sitting with a sick loved one, this is a great way to find serenity in a tough situation. Highly recommend this one, love the music options

Stops in the middle of moves

Stops and I will have to close and open about every 10 moves.


They are fun and relaxing also for a kicker they are beautiful, what else can you ask for!

Fun game, could benefit from additional refinement

Awesome jigsaw game, in this format it’s appreciated that you have the option to not rotate the pieces. Also, the purchase option of using your own pictures really adds more depth to the game. I wish my progress would save between android and apple versions of the game, but at least it is usable in offline mode. Also it would be nice if scatter had a no overlap option as organizing the pieces can be tedious, this is made more burdensome by the pieces scattering right to the edge of the screen. When the screen is unlocked they can be near impossible to pickup due to the hot edges on iOS screens.

Fun Sunday morning thinking exercise

Putting together a puzzle is my Sunday morning wake up fun. I like the iPad flexibility and the number of prices based on how bright I feel at the time.


Very enjoyable game.


Wonder app. A great, relaxing way to pass the time. 😊

Get this app

I love this app better than others, I know what you are thinking this app is bad well It’s actually not that bad. The app is an awesome app and I think that you should gimme this app a try and if you don’t like it delete it, but you should give it a try. Thanks for reading this text and I hope you like the app

Love it!

Great puzzle app! Please offer no ads without all the puzzles. I would gladly pay a dollar or two for no ads, but not five dollars, even if it includes puzzles. Give me another option!

So easy

Make it a little hard because to easy and it’s fun thanks


Wonderful good for depressed people like me

Get this

You should get this because it’s really fun and you can do puzzles and take pictures of stuff and then that can be a puzzle you can do it is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so fun you should get theis.


I love it.

Butterfly in flower

Love these puzzles! They’re as challenging as you make them by changing number and rotation of pieces.

Too many interruptions!

I love this puzzle app except for all the game app advertisements! Can you pay to eliminate them??

Good game

I love this game but all the puzzles should be free

Some of the ads are expected......

The ads seem to be getting excessive.

Good Choice of Puzzels

I have been using this App for years. I love the puzzle choices. I’d love another Paint on though. :) love the color packs. But one complaint. About a year ago maybe longer, they started with pop-ups for discounts on some of their puzzle packs. This happens just about every day. It is very annoying to have to pick to turn it off about 90% of the time when I first open up the AP.


I love puzzles but you make it too hard to get to the free ones & I can’t afford to pay

Screen freeze and crashes

I have enjoyed this app for months. The last few days it has been freezing and crashing and once it didn’t save my progress. Not sure if it’s my device or bugs in the app. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?


Love it! Keeps my mind awake

Little hard but fun

Fun fun and hard💕😍

My puzzles have disappeared !

I’ve used this app for a couple of years and have purchased/accumulated a lot of puzzles. It has happened a couple of times that my puzzles are no longer present. I have had to uninstall the app, then reinstall it again. I’m afraid by doing this over and over, all of my puzzles will disappear permanently. Can this issue finally be fixed ???


I love your puzzles, I can’t stop doing them!

So cool awesome and fun

I love this game

Sale Notifications

I really like this app, but your sale notifications are the loudest, most annoying thing I have!! I have to keep the sound turned down because they nearly scare me to death!! You need to use a different sound or give us an option for fewer notifications!! Good thing I don’t have a bad heart!

Ads are pervasive, puzzles are fine

Mandatory video ads precluding each game are about 30 sec long with no option to skip. Ads everywhere, and difficult to know how to navigate base game. Having said that, it is a fine puzzle game.

Would love this app if only:

I would really love this app if only the pieces didn’t get stuck on the edges of the screen. My curser can’t grab them without a timely struggle. And while doing so, the entire puzzle will shift around the screen, covering some of the outlying pieces. It’s annoying and it destroys the chance to actually time your ability in the discovery and placement of pieces.


I love to sit down at lunch and just relax while doing puzzles.

Well made

This game plays very well

Great Puzzle Game

I’m really enjoying playing these puzzles except for 1 thing which is the background board keeps moving around. I wish there was a way to make it stay put. Love it otherwise.



Love this game

I love this game! You have to buy a lot of puzzles but they are pretty cheap and totally worth it!

Really frustrating on iPhone 7

I like the puzzles offered & the options to select the number of pieces. I even like the feature to scatter the pieces out of the middle of the puzzle. However, this feature scatters them partially off the “table” and they get stuck there. Also the space to organize pieces is really limited and I can’t figure out how to rotate pieces with the rotation feature. I am going to delete this app.

Great app

I’m an avid puzzler and have been using this app for years. Best one out there! I would love to have the ability to manually sort the puzzles in progress rather than choose one of the preset options currently available.

Stress Reliever

It takes your mind off of everything that’s happening in this world that we reside on. This is my STRESS RELIEVER!

Great app! Best jigsaw puzzle app

I've been playing every day for months. I unlocked the ad-free because I like the privacy and want to support great apps. So many puzzles, so little time! I love all the new puzzles all the time. I appreciate the daily because it introduces me to new puzzle packs. Feature request: When we finish a puzzle (and the lines disappear) could we be able to zoom the picture to look at the details? Sometimes I want to enjoy the details of the paintings that I can't do when there are puzzle piece lined.


Wonderful assortment of jigsaw puzzles to see and work. I choose the max amount of pieces for my pleasure. I highly recommend this site to others who enjoy working jigsaw puzzles.

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

This game has over 2,000 puzzles! Even I am only 8, this game is great for people who love puzzles. Only one thing, I was really excited to create my own, but I realized that you have to pay for them.🙁😞 So I think you guys should make the create your own puzzle free, but I'm still giving you five Stars because of the awesome free stuff. Great game!!👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️


Decent App


My granddaughter downloaded this game and I stumbled across it and have played 2 puzzles now and find this a lot of fun. You can choose how hard the puzzle is for your own skill. So cool.

Can’t Create Puzzles

I like the puzzle options, the commercials are a little long for my taste and they don’t even pause the music, it gets muted. I wish making your own puzzles was free... If this is just so people buy the premium can it at least be an option on what can be bought?

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