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This app has been going down hill recently

I’ve used this app for years - used to love it. But, lately it has been making lots of mistakes where the pictures of the puzzles does not match the actual puzzle. Daily puzzles are no longer updated at midnight. The big problem are the major increase in ads: ads are timed — very annoying! ( I buy puzzle packages all the time doesn’t seem fair. ). More ads , non PG ads, loud music ads. I’m at a point where I can’t share this app with my kids. I’m sorry to have write this - but I’m hoping this review may change your general direction with this product. Thank you

Watch ad and the game stalls and won’t play

Cannot access the app feedback area. Over and over and over. Sit through the ad and then the puzzle doesn’t get initiated. Then you do it again and watch the ad and a puzzle doesn’t start. YOU DEFINITELY HAVE BUGS!!! But only related to the ads ending. Other than that I play it everyday happily.

Do not download this app

After you purchase the app and do the practice you get one free puzzle and then it asks you to pay $2.99 for each puzzle after that. And how is a 8 year girl supposed to pay $2.99 for every puzzle she wants to do

Didn’t care for this app

This app drew in too many advertisements that prevented a nice smooth use. Didn’t enjoy this at all for that reason.

Love it! Need new objectives way more often!

I love this app, do puzzles constantly, but I have met all the objectives months ago and no new ines in ages! Please add new objectives with updates or every few months! This is usually how I decide which puzzle packs to buy! Thanks!


Love the free jigsaw puzzles....I’m addicted‼️

Too many ads

It’s a shame they put too many ads that are soooooo annoying

Awesome game

Game is great for anytime to play when your bored or just want to have fun!!! Even playing with some friends!!! If you love solving things this is the game for you!!!


I have fun doing the puzzle. I just wish it would begin with all the prices outside of the area for building the puzzle. That’s why I gave it 3 stars.

Good Grief People ...

I know there is the penance to pay for only having free puzzles, no pun intended. But really, I have to turn the 🤬 sound off while these idiotic games run their course before I can play the free puzzle. That’s pretty crummy on your part. Love the puzzles but am about ready to kick the darn app to the curb.

Jana star


Jigsaw Puzzle

I love the relaxing music and the fact you can hear the click when the piece fits in right. I also love the beautiful pictures they have to do the puzzle. Also love the free ones you can get. Thanks.

New IOS problem.

Upgraded to latest IOS on my iPhone 6 Plus and began having issues with this app. If I push on screen it becomes black. When I am dragging pieces they constantly stop mid drag. Very annoying.

Weird special offer

Ok so I just logged in today and found a little bell icon in the bottom right of my screen I naturally clicked it because it was flashing and it brought me to another window deprecate from the game saying I was a special 1 in 10 users to be able to answer some questions and get a prize between 1000 dollars at Walmart an iPad Air or 1000 dollars at amazon I answered the 3 silly questions asking things like Who made Facebook? When was Facebook made? and Where was Facebook posted all were pretty simple questions with easy answers so I answered them and then it forced me into getting the amazon card and started asking more personal things like my zip code my email and my address then I looked to the comments and they were all bored things saying the exact same sentence with different star values I just didn't really feel safe and no others seem to be talking about this bell special offer

Too many ads.

Every time you open this app you have an ad in your face. No fun.

Ads predominate

Usually I like mobilityware apps, but not this one. There are often three and four ads before I can play a game...and sometimes they trap you in ads by not having an exit button. I'll never upgrade to a purchased app because of how prolific the ads have been on the free version. Lost me as a customer.

Tired of Freezing

Up until two months ago, I would've given this app 4-5 stars. But since then, the app has been freezing during certain ads when playing the daily puzzle. It's incredibly frustrating to slide a piece, only to have it sit there for several seconds, and have this go on for thirty seconds or so. I've sent multiple messages, but haven't received any responses...also frustrating. I understand a free app isn't perfect, but it had been working fine, so much so that I even purchased puzzle packs. Now I certainly don't feel like buying any puzzle packs and may end up deleting the app if this doesn't take fixed.

Good app ruined by ads

Used to love playing this app but as mote and more time has gone by the developers are inserting more and more ads, some of which take way too long to allow closing and some which never give you to close them. After months increasing annoyance I’ve decided to delete the app altogether. I’m sure the developers don’t care as they weren’t making money off me anyway but hopefully will spare others. No ethical point in releasing free gamed if you’re going to load them up with ads that make them either virtually or literally unplayable.

Greatest Puzzle Game Ever

I’ve played many puzzle games, but this one is by far the best one. Yes, you have to pay for most of the puzzles, although that is the only downside I can think of. The game does makes up for it, though. Each day the player receives a free puzzle—a sample from one of the puzzles you have to pay for. The only question I have is that when you set up the free puzzle (and also have to watch an ad most of the time ☹️), the play button darkens, disabling the player from continuing with the free puzzle. Is there a way to fix this problem??? But that doesn’t happen that much. There are just those couple of downsides, making this the best puzzle app to have for those who enjoy doing puzzles.


I love this app so much. Like you said your putting a lot of hard work into it. I don’t like how you have to pay for certain stuff, but overall the game is SOOO addicting! Someone will be like “Hey what are you playing?” and I will be like “well I’m playing Jigsaw puzzle!” I recommend this game to anyone who is always bored because this is a very ENTERTAINING game!

Yay!! Jigsaw puzzles!

I love having jigsaw puzzles to do again. My husband and sons take over every flat surface in the house (except for the kitchen - heaven forbid they help out in the kitchen 🙄) and I love that, with this app, I now can do my jigsaws again. Thank you!

Really good but

It’s great but add more free puzzles

Sad player

This game is great but can it have more free puzzle packs 😇. Would greatly appreciate it thank you.

Love It!!!

I love this app!

5 Stars

I have been playing this game for years and I never get tired of it! Half of the time I spend at my computer I am solving one the fascinating puzzles!

Jigsaw Puzzle

I love getting a free puzzle every day! I also like that there's no boxes to stack up. lol I also love the sales and the free puzzle packs. If you do jigsaws there's something here for everyone.

Great app but no syncing

The app is very well done and it’s a pleasure to play however, the biggest draw back is the lack of syncing your current puzzles in progress to other devices. I have an iPad and an iPhone that I routinely jump back and forth with and it’s a real bummer that your progress is lost between devices.

Fix your bugs!

I only have one background color of black. It is too hard to work with. Please fix this!!

Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle is wonderful, I play it everyday

Hate this update.

Update: Thanks for the Developer’s response however, when I downloaded this app many years ago I was told at that time what I had to do to remove the annoying ads and that was to purchase puzzle packs. That is what I did and the ads went away. Unfortunately after the last update I installed they are back with a vengeance! Now I am being told that I must buy more? Hardly seems fair. I will never install another update. Every time I do I get a messier interface with more pop up ads. Drives me crazy. I bought puzzles btw shouldn’t be getting ads.

Jigsaw puzzle

Great app. Wonderful selection, and I really enjoy the daily free-bees! Holiday packages are an enjoyable bonus! 2018 and no holiday package this year! Your new format for selected puzzles I really don’t like. The image is too small, go back to the other pre-view large format. I don’t like that my finished picture is so small either why does it have to revert to smaller format then go through several Xclicks to get back to home. You’ve complicated an easy process.

Very entertaining

This WAS. A great way to pass time. However, the last update made it nearly impossible to play. The puzzle will load, watch the ad, but no puzzle to play. Start all over again and AMAYBE the puzzle will load. I have deleted it until the next update.

Jigsaw Puzzle App Game Review!

I Soo Way Beyond Extremely Really Very Much Love This Game, it’s Soo Way Beyond Extremely Really Very Easy To Play, And I Could Play It All The Time If I Wanted To Play It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I play this for me....

I have added games so many times for the sole reason of helping me unwind and relax, only to have to delete them because they have the opposite effect for various reasons. So far this game has done all I could ever ask for. Granted I've bought some of the puzzle packs, but only because I can't put this down. I'm not interested in sharing completed puzzles with anyone because I do these for my sanity so I can't comment on that part, and since I'm not sharing - I'm not using my own photos and can't comment on that part either. I can only comment on the fact that this has given me hours of relaxation and that to me is priceless. I can now delete so many apps on my iPad. Thank you for giving me back peace time.

Great games, lose the ads.

I love the game, I think they could do with fewer ads. I also think that they should add a zoom feature for when you scatter the pieces off the board so you can see better

Enjoying this game.

Updating/changing my review from 2 star to 4. Wasn’t able to play offline after the last update. Deleting the app and reinstalling fixed the problem. Only issue now is when playing offline I cannot see the preview when determining how many pieces I want to use. Great game. I have purchased many puzzle packs.

Recent update issues

Until the most recent update, I would have given this product 5 stars, and probably did at some point in the past. But, now it is incredibly slow and nearly non-functioning. If you have puzzles stored from the past, it takes more than 30 seconds to bring up the group of them and even trying to delete older ones is painfully slow. I’m not sure what they did, but it’s definitely NOT an improvement. Fortunately, the developer has now fixed the issues they introduced and the app now works great again. Thank you!

Please eliminate full screen ads

I have loved this app for years, but for the last few months, I’ve stopped using it. I want to just open it, and relax with a puzzle. Unfortunately, shortly after opening it, I will be browsing around to pick a puzzle, BANG... a full screen bright ad pops on the screen, startling and painful, so I close the app out of frustration. I saw there was an update today, but it is still there. I’ve looked for a place to turn this off. Pls kill those ads!!! I paid extra for this app, and part of that was to eliminate ads. Otherwise, 5 stars.

Too many annoying ads - see update

I’ve now downgraded this “FREE” puzzle to 2 stars from 3 stars. I have timed the 2 ads that come up and they took 1 minute 5 seconds before you can start the puzzle. Then more ads if you want to play again.I received a comment to an earlier post which said that you can somehow by-pass the ads but it’s not obvious to me how to do so. It’s a shame to force people to pay for this supposedly free app. The customer service response is not helpful.

App closes/more free puzzles

The app will suddenly go to the App Store and switch back and forth like that. I have to close and reopen. It did this before the most recent update and still happens since the update. Again: Pieces around the margins of my phone are extremely difficult to move. I activate the pull-down menu or the piece just sticks. Would be great if this was fixed. You cannot lock the screen because then you cannot access all the pieces. It flicks the screen and won’t move. Can you fix this? When you have finished half of the puzzle, you still have many pieces still on the very edge of my phone. Could we get those to automatically move in closer? I like the large variety of free puzzles and range of sizes to work. I do enjoy this app and spend many hours working your puzzles. Thanks; however, I’ve almost finished all the interesting free puzzles. Please add more free puzzles.


PLEASE REPAIR. ITS STUCK AGAIN. WON’T ENLARGE AND SHRINK. LOOSES PIECES SO I CANNOT FINISH PUZZEL. 10/17. 10/21/17. Here I am again. Please fix. Frozen again. YuK- PLEASE FIX IT IS STILL FROZEN CANNOT MAKE PIECES LARGER TO SMALLER. PIECES GET LOST CANNOT COMPLETE PUZZLE. AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,🤢 10-24-17game has been perfect for some time now but this week it started freezing up but fixing itself when you close it down. But today it refuses to face the correct way it’s upside down. I live doing puzzles and I buy several. But hate the bugs this game gets. 4-3-18,so far all the improvements have fixed all the old problems. Now it won’t stay in correct position it keeps flipping puzzle on its side. PLEASE FIX

buggy lately

hi everyone. love this little game; however, since the last ios update, it freezes if you go do something else then come back. it’s not the end if the world, but is annoying and buggy. hope it gets fixed asap.

The best

I love the game it is super relaxing and a stress relief game


Way too many ads!

Great app

I love this app--a free puzzle everyday, a wide variety of subjects. 196 pieces works great on a small iPad. Very relaxing.


I like this app because 1. I enjoy working jigsaws and 2. The images are so beautiful and/or fun and 3. Images are also educational. Some photos of places I like I will look up on Google and read about it. I don’t like the constant updates. Most of the time they don’t improve anything. I barely tolerate those two garish circles in the upper left of puzzle. They are not necessary! Plus, I always enlarge the image so that I can see the details and those two circles cover part of the image and ruin the ambience of the whole image. I wish you would get rid of them. The variety of images is excellent and the options of difficulty are excellent.


I love doing the puzzles and especially the year we got a bonus puzzle every day in December. However lately, I've been experiencing some problems when the puzzle freezes and you can't move!!!!! I'm getting new app so I don't have this problem.

Beautiful and fun

Wonderful app. Love the puzzles. However, after one of the updates you can no longer delete all of your finished puzzles at one time. Now you have to delete them one by one. Very inconvenient.

Fun but frustrating

I downloaded this app a week ago and have already completed most of the free puzzles. It’s fun and addicting. However, there are two things that have me very close to deleting it. For one, you have to watch an ad before every single puzzle and they are never less than 30 seconds long. Maybe the app doesn’t create enough profit from selling puzzle packs? This doesn’t bother me as much as my next problem: on multiple occasions, I’ve had to watch at least FOUR 30 second ads just to play one puzzle. It happens more frequently every day. It looks as though the puzzle is loading but it never will, and you’re forced to go back to your puzzle pack to choose the puzzle again. Then you watch another ad and the same thing happens, at least four times.


Love the puzzle of the day!!

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