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Jigsaw puzzles

If you start you will never put it down! Love it!!

Solid jigsaw puzzle but there’s other better ones

It won’t be long before you’re out of free puzzles, if you don’t mind buying some, then by all means it’s a solid app. It’s still on my iPad for a reason, the layout is solid. I use another jigsaw app when I run out of puzzles here, the frustrating thing is I don’t like setup on that app as much as this one, I like sifting through the pieces like you would if your were doing an actual puzzle. Definitely worth checking out...


Wonderful 😍

This is a piece of crap

How the hell is this game even on earth. You guys must be crazy


I love puzzle. It’s very relaxing.I recommend it.


We have always done family puzzles growing up and at family functions since we are grown up. This puzzle every day gives me a feeling of home and peace. Thank you!

A way to sharpen the mind

Most mindfully challenging and highly serene experience with each puzzle. It strengthens the mind.

While the time away

22Mar18 I love doing these puzzles. I'm almost always doing a puzzle. I have given this App, five (5) Stars, because the App is so good. But today I'm removing a star (now four (4) stars), because since the last update, after a couple of minutes pass, the puzzle disappears and a Sale pic appears and wouldn't go away until everything for The Sale is displayed. Then you have to hit "Home", and the step back to your puzzle. One of the reason I got this App and purchased the puzzles (very inexpensive), because, NO COMMERCIALS. I like that. Now, will, commercial. I've alway used to be to busy for this type of puzzles. But I was force to retire very early giving me time to while away and puzzles are just the ticket and this app has been very enjoyable. It works will and gives enough variety to keep me busy and challenged. Most of the time it takes about 5 hours to complete a typical puzzle, but lately I've had one that is tasking forever. I like that. So will you. Enjoy. I've been Totally Entertained!! 19May09 This newest update has restricted the space around the outside of the puzzle itself. I'm not to happy about this. It's made the puzzle too tight, leaving the open area to start much too tight. Otherwise, I still totally enjoy the puzzles, and I believe you will too 09Oct16 I completely happy now. It seems to outside area has increased. Making it easier to organize all the pieces around the outside and inside edge pieces and have room to work. The variety of puzzles is so big that anyone young and old would be happy. Enjoy! 24Feb17 I'm still very happy. The Updates have just made it better. You'll enjoy yourself. It's March 2017 and I still love it. It's April 2017 and I'm very happy! Being able to adjust the space outside of the puzzle for laying out the pieces is wonderful. The selection of puzzles just keeps growing and the prices are very fair. You will enjoy yourself for a long, long Time 😄 01Aug17 I very happy with the Updates. I still love this Puzzle App. 24Aug17 Each updates just makes things better. I spend many hours doing puzzles, and I love this Apt. You will too 19Nov17 I'm still very, very happy. Each update just keeps making it all the more fun.

Love y’all game

Love the different varieties of puzzles that are offered!


I love this game so much I am liven it for life but like #lovenit


This app is great for my grandson. He is enjoying each time.


This app charged me to install. It’s suppose to be free and can’t report it cuz support page is corrupt where do I report?

Don’t open my web browser

Ads, great, bring them on. Don’t open spam crap on my web browser during gameplay. Especially such obvious phishing-style web pages. Unacceptable. Update: haven’t used the app in a few days but received developer feedback assuring the issue was unintended and is resolved. Thank you.

Free imported

Make it so I can import my own puzzles for free please

Hate the ads

The ad function is annoying because it triggers almost randomly (hold piece too long... ad, swipe too forcefully... ad, brush bottom of screen...ad) and worst yet, sometimes when you return to puzzle the piece you were working with is outside the working area and the puzzle cannot be completed :(

Puzzle start

I am having trouble getting a puzzle to come up. I touch the icon and the puzzle logo comes up,but after several seconds,returns to the home page and I have to try again and again! HELP!

Thank you

Thank you for the app


Now That I’ve Started Jigsaw Puzzles, It’s Occupied My Mind. When I Start I Forget How Long I’m On. SO GLAD I FOUND THIS FREE APP!!

Bad app

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Great, but could be better

Great: no trays or annoying music and ability to magnify is very appreciated. Please improve: MUST give more space around the borders to work the puzzle, or at least at the bottom--twice as much would be acceptable. An acceptable alternative would be a toggle that WON’T—until toggled—allow pieces to attach to the board. That way pieces can be moved about/grouped in separate piles, then assembled inside the borders of the puzzle.

Almost perfect

Only thing keeping it from 5 stars is ability to play in real-time across devices with friends and family.

Can't share finished puzzle with friends.

I finish the puzzle and I want to share it but when I hit email I get a blank page....no picture on it!!! So then I post it on Facebook which I don't use much. I would like this changed. I have few friends who have gotten this app because of the email I sent them with the finished puzzle on it. Please change!!!

Put a bug on my iPad!

I have loved this app for years, but it has now infected my iPad with a fake Amazon giveaway that will not stay close. I Dr late it and it pops up again within two seconds. I am going to have to see let's this and will lose dozens of puzzles. Don't download! I am updating this. The developer responded to my complaint very promptly, fixed the problem and everything is fine. Thank you!


Very frustrating. Always one or two puzzle pieces that are stuck. Wont move at all. I have had this experience with all puzzles. I do the puzzles with 200+ pieces. Also the puzzle board itself turns Very frustrating

Where are the free puzzles

There used to be a category to download free puzzles. I can no longer find category.

Great !

Great daily puzzles. Wish more were offered free.

Jigsaw app

I love this app! I love how it has different puzzle packs and a different puzzle of the day!👍 I AM ADDICTED!❤️

Dr oil

Just started

Puzzle review

I absolutely love to do the 1024 piece puzzles....used to do the 400 piece ones, and they were fun as well.. I gave this a 5 star rating, because it really is challenging! I had a lot of puzzles that I purchased on my previous IPad but they did not transfer to this IPad, which I have been using for approximately 1 week. If you could transfer these over, It was be greatly appreciated.

Highly Addicting ! ONLY app EVER purchased !

This app can be Fully enjoyable without ever purchasing from it; it’s Highly Addicting and at the same time Very Relaxing! Also, the Daily Free Puzzles are out of the same quality packs that can be bought for minimal prices. I bought a few packs ONLY because I want to support this app producer, and the range of packs available plus the quality of pics in the packs, plus the app shows you exactly what you’re purchasing BEFORE you buy! The puzzles are attractive and the range of difficulty can be adjusted for number of pieces, as well as types of pictures and your choice of many backgrounds. The only criticism I have is that I’d like to have access to the solid color backgrounds; they can be purchased with the upgrade which also includes Make-your-own-puzzle and Ad Removal, but M-Y-O I don’t want, and the ads are SO undisturbing to solving the puzzles that I don’t mind them!! If there are other advantages to upgrading, just let me know. I like the flash and the latching sound when the pieces go together or are placed where they fit, and they can also be turned off by an easily accessible menu without leaving your puzzle. And, the click or flash Only happens when you have a piece exactly placed; you can’t cheat by just randomly swishing the pieces. This is the ONLY game app I have EVER bought from, and I don’t plan to buy any ever again! ... THANKS for letting people use your app for free and Not pushing a purchase At All !!!


Too many ads!

I can’t find previously purchased puzzles

I haven’t used the app in ages, now my puzzles aren’t there.

Trouble loading over the promo ads

Used to really love this app. There's a free puzzle each day that offers all varieties and plenty of packs to choose from, some packs also free. This was my favorite but now it has annoying ads that freeze the screen and I have to close down. When I open again, there is a long delay in loading my puzzles while it tries to load the big SALE ad or something similar. Annoying - I'm losing patience now.



Great Fun App

BEAUTIFUL puzzle picture quality and large selection of puzzles. So relaxing to do as you can change the piece count on each puzzle. Puzzle packs prices are very reasonable, some always on sale and daily puzzle is free! Terrific!

Jigsaw puzzle

You guys did a great job on this puzzle game.


It’s a free app for only like 6 puzzles and you have to buy the rest. At that point you should just charge for the app itself. It’s just a tease.

Puzzles r great!

This helps me do my job as a programmer. Teaches you how to relax and think things thru

Love jigsaw puzzle

Only thing is how do you get the puzzle size bigger? The square is small? It shouldn’t be that way if it’s 120 peice that square should be that big not small it’s an 8 by 8 size please fix.you can only do do a 49 piece puzzle or lower not what your post says. You need to lose that square if you want it go bigger.oh plus when you post to Facebook it only post a link not the puzzle you finished.

Not fun anymore

Recent updates make it impossible to play on iPad. Puzzles in progress do not save, starts completely from scratch. Advertisements are more excessive and cannot close out of them. Hard to load app to start playing. Looking for a new game, this one isn't worth the time to try to play.

great app

I have used and enjoyed this app for a long time.

Best game

Always adding new selections. Great puzzles.


Really enjoy puzzles I can do in a few minutes and don’t have a place to do a big one

Thank you for removing the bad ad!

Update- back to being my favorite game! This was my one and only game! I loved it until today. Now I can’t even open it with out the ads self deploying! I have tried resetting and it still happens. It seems to one particular ad.

Jigsaw Puzzle Rocks (and speed bumps)

iPad2, OSX (always current) New updates look good, however.... Now I can't move more than one tile at a time. That really brings me down. 9/16/2017: Recent communique from you good folks recommends ensuring whether the screen is unlocked (or locked). Yes, that seems to help moving two or more tiles in the same gesture (using more than one fingertip). But I miss being able to grab those tiles with several fingers of one hand AND simultaneously drag them around with the other hand's fingertips. 3/2018: fewer bugs lately (crashing to home screen) ... Maybe I'm touching the space bar on my Zapp iPad cover/keys. Thanks guys!

Relax with a Jigsaw Puzzle

I love to relax with a jigsaw puzzle on my iPad and a glass of wine before my husband joins me in bed after he finishes his nightly TV. The updates that have been developed in the last year or so clearly let me know when the pieces fit into their proper place. The packages offer many different subjects, but my favorites are the world of color puzzles because of the variety of subjects in each set and the intensity of the colors.


Fun, but too many ads and few free puzzles

This app has been ruined EDIT: Fixed

I loved this app. Been playing it for a couple of years, bought new puzzles. Today I go to play, and an adserver keeps disrupting and sending me to my browser. So I deleted the app so I could reload, and everything I saved and was working on is gone. What a bummer. I am off to find another jigsaw app. EDIT 3-17-18...Developer has fixed the problem. I found the Restore function. So glad it’s working again. Thanks.

يجننن والله


Really Enjoy Puzzles

Still playing, love the variety and relaxed pace. (3/2018) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new update!!! (8/2017). The new format is beautiful, well organized, and the picture resolution is beautiful!!! GREAT JOB! Thank you as I love this app, it is my morning go to as it wakes my mid up and gets me going. This is my 2nd review and I have raised my stars to 5 because they listen to our feed back. There is a wonderful variety on the free daily puzzle now. I really enjoy the latest up-date because now when you finish a puzzle you see a picture not a puzzle with all the lines. It is something I always wanted. I have purchased several collections, as they are cheaper than a cup of coffee and last a lot longer. Buy what you like because you can always do the puzzle over again. I love this site. Helps me relax, de-stress, and keeps mind sharp as older people need to work on constantly. This app allows for a lot of flexibility. I like that I am able to use my own pictures to make puzzles. Enjoy Puzzle of the Day but wish there would be a larger variety as am tired of landscapes.

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